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  • Cel-Sci Corp (CVM): The Endgame is Closing, It's Game Time Now

    Sep 26, 2019

    Shares of Cel-Sci Corp (CVM) had a very solid trading day on Wednesday, trading up by over five percent on volume that was nearly double the recent daily trading average - aside from a couple of days of high volume that pushed the price through nine bucks in mid-September.  For recent followers of my blog, I've been pointing out the potential catalysts for this company since early this year.  For those who have been following for a while, you'll know I've been tracking CVM since prior to the commencement of the Phase III trial and have traded in and out over the years.

    As with every developing biotech, Cel-Sci has experienced many peaks and valleys during the process of bringing Multikine, the company's lead product candidate for the treatment (or cure, as stated in the company's investor presentation) of head and neck cancer.  Although many on the short side of the biotech sector will use these peaks and valleys to incite fear into the less battle-hardened investors, the volatility is absolutely normal during the process and is no indication of the final success or failure of a drug or treatment.  "Biotech" is a trading sector in the broad markets and it is not run by science; the scientists run the science in the labs and - for the most part - steer clear of navigating the trading sector.

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  • Cel-Sci Should Be On Your Speculative Radar, With Potential Catalysts Pending

    Sep 04, 2019

    As previously discussed, Cel-Sci is in the final stages of a global Phase III trial testing the effectiveness of its lead product candidate, Multikine, in the treatment of head and neck cancer.  You can click HERE for my previous blog posts on the subject or scroll down the home page, if you'd like.  Although the share price and trading volume has somewhat stagnated through the summer months - as short interest continued to increase - a few items of interest are coming up that could reinvigorate life into CVM trading action...

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  • Stock Watch: Volume and Price Both Rising for Celsius Holdings (CELH)

    Jul 29, 2019

    Aside from keeping an eye on shares of Cel-Sci (CVM) this week (see previous blog post), shares of Celsius Holdings (CELH) will be worth watching, too.  Last week we discussed how significant growth in the Celsius distribution network will likely have a very positive impact on earnings over the next couple of quarters and the investing community picked up the indicators, as well, as volume started rolling in and a new 52-week high was set at $5.37.  Not bad, considering shares were trading for under four bucks just a couple of months ago...

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  • Cel-Sci (CVM) Shares Closed Last Week Strong, What Does It Mean?

    Jul 29, 2019

    Shares of Cel Sci Corp (CVM) closed strong last week, spiking at Friday's close to finish at $7.10, over a buck higher than the lows of near six dollars seen earlier in the week.  As previously discussed, the volatility of CVM this year is based around the pending conclusion of the Phase III Multikine trial, testing its effectiveness in the treatment of head and neck cancer.  Please scroll through my earlier articles on VFC's Stock House for more information on the trial and expected timelines.  You can also visit "Kill CVM Shorts" for a nice collection of DD that builds a case for the long argument of CVM.  In short, tho, the trial has lasted longer than expected, feeding the theory that the longer the trial takes, the more it indicates that Multikine may be working and extending the lives of patients.

    While that certainly may be the case...

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  • "Live Fit" With Shares of Celsius Holdings - Uptick in Volume Means It Could Be Game Time

    Jul 22, 2019

    If an uptick of trading volume last week is any indication, it might be worth paying some attention to shares of Celsius Holdings (CELH).  For those new to the Celsius story, at one time this company traded as a penny stock on the OTCBB under the symbol CSUH.  One share could be purchased for just three pennies back then, cheaper than a Bazooka Joe.  We are now a far cry from when a two million dollar quarter was a good one.

    Once the company's stock received a promotion to the NASDAQ, some massive price gains ensued, before retreating to level off in the three to four dollar range.  Just a few months ago CELH traded for under $3.50, but positive earnings forecasts and news of growing distribution pushed prices higher 

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  • Cel-Sci Corp (CVM) After-Hours Action and Trades in London Indicate the Solidifying of Positions

    Jul 18, 2019

    Shares of CVM closed at $6.36 on Wednesday, 18 July, down nearly three percent on the day and we really can't go a day without discussing this stock.  To follow up on yesterday's  brief synopsis of where we stand with the Cel-Sci story, some after hours trading in the USA and morning trading in the European markets may be worth discussing...  

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  • Cel-Sci Corp (CVM) Recent Dip is a Buying Opp for Longs As We Approach The Endgame

    Jul 17, 2019

    Shares of Cel-Sci Corp (CVM) have dropped back to the mid-six dollar range, roughly two bucks lower than where shares traded just days earlier.  As discussed previously, short interest in the stock had been gradually increasing as the share price about quadrupled since early 2019.  I won't re-hash the entire Cel-Sci story here, please see my earlier blog posts for deeper insight.  In short, tho, the company's lead product candidate, Multikine, is in the final stages of a global Phase III trial testing its effect in treating cancer of the head and neck.  Multikine is different from traditional cancer treatments in that it is applied prior to the patient receiving Standard of Care (SoC) treatment, which is key because that is when the body's immune system is strongest; this is a key point, since Multikine harnesses the body's immune system to combat the cancer.  

    For investment purposes, the long side of the argument has it that Multikine is working since the trial is still ongoing past previous estimates of completion and since the IDMC recommended the trial continue after a review earlier this year.  Read here for more on the subject.  Two hundred and ninety eight total deaths is the magic number of 'events' that need to occur for the trial to end and according to the most recent company presentation dated this week, that has not yet occurred.  

    That could bode well for where CVM is headed...

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  • Multiple Factors and Potential Catalysts Converging For Cel-Sci Corp (CVM)

    Jun 18, 2019

    Disclaimer:  VFC has no affiliation with Cel-Sci Corp or with any third parties associated with the companies.  VFC has received no compensation for this blog post, although there may be an unrelated advertisement or two at various locations on this blog.  VFC does not offer advice or investment services and nothing you read here should be construed as such.  VFC is just a guy with an opinion and access to a computer and a keyboard; bringing discussion and ideas to the table.  #AhYeah.  

    Cel-Sci Corp (CVM):  Cel-Sci is a perfect example of a company that has gone through its highs and lows while being highly tradable along the way.  Now, tho, the story is a bit different as we are in the Endgame for the long-ongoing worldwide trial investigating the effectiveness of lead product candidate Multikine in the treatment of head and neck cancer.  We've already re-hashed what Multikine is and what it may be able to do in previous blog postings, but a couple of things have changed the last time I wrote.  Most notably, the Russell. 

    It was announced earlier this month that CVM met the criteria for inclusion into the Russell 3000 and Russell 2000 indexes.  Inclusion commences on 1 July, with the final day of "reconstitution" falling on 28 June - the final trading day of the month.  It is expected to be one of the highest trading days of the year, according to the Internet (Russell website) and historical trends.  This is huge for CVM, as shares will be picked up and traded in various funds that track the broad stock market.  It also lends an heir of credibility to an otherwise little-known small cap that doesn't seem to be on the radar of main street...

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  • Cel-Sci Corp (CVM): Is The Short Attack Over?

    Jun 06, 2019

    Disclaimer:  VFC has no affiliation with Cel-Sci Corp or with any third parties associated with the companies.  VFC has received no compensation for this blog post, although there may be an unrelated advertisement or two at various locations on this blog.  VFC does not offer advice or investment services and nothing you read here should be construed as such.  VFC is just a guy with an opinion and access to a computer and a keyboard; bringing discussion and ideas to the table.  #AhYeah.  

    Cel-Sci Corp (CVM):  Is the short attack over?  

    The ever-so-volatile shares of Cel-Sci - which ran from under $3 to over $8 in just a few months earlier this year - are back to trading in the mid-$4 range after a recent short attack killed the rally.  Interestingly, the attack was swift and quickly drove the share price down, whereas sometimes these things are a little more gradual and protracted over time.  Part of the reason for the quick action may be due to the timeline (or lack of a definitive timeline) relating to the Phase III Multikine trial.  Previous estimations have noted that the trial would be complete in the first half of 2019, and if that is still the case, then news could come at any time.  That would drive those on the short side to want to act quickly, or start covering, as it would be dangerous to be short - should the results come in positive.  Should they be negative, tho, it would be a bad day for longs...

  • Cel-Sci Corporation (CVM) - We're in the Endgame Now for Multikine Phase III

    May 29, 2019

    Disclaimer:  VFC has no affiliation with Cel-Sci Corporation (CVM).  VFC does not offer advice or investment services and nothing you read here should be construed as such.  VFC is just a guy with an opinion and access to a computer and a keyboard.  Each investor must conduct his or her own DD before investing.  VFC enjoys exchanging ideas and strategies with others in the investing community.  VFC currently holds a core long position in CVM and has a handful of trading shares to play the volatility.

    Cel-Sci (CVM) shares are trading at roughly $4.40 at the time of this writing, down from a high of $8.47 reached on 9 May.  Until mid-March, shares were trading for under the three dollar mark, making CVM a multi-bagger on the year.  Market cap is currently just over 151 million.  All information provided by the Nasdaq and Yahoo! Finance websites.

    Why the interest?  

    Cel-Sci is in the late stages of a robust Phase III trial testing Multikine, the company's lead developmental product, for the treatment of head and neck cancer.  Multikine is one of the newer breed of cancer immunotherapy treatments, which are designed to harness the body's own immune system to fight and possibly defeat cancer cells.  What is unique about Multikine, tho, is that the treatment is administered before the Standard of Care (SOC) treatment. 

    Why is this significant? 

    A patient's immune system is at its strongest prior to the commencement of SOC treatment, which includes surgery along with radiation and chemotherapy treatments.  Such treatments weaken the body and therefor weaken the body's immune system, too.  The vision of Multikine is to harness the patient's own immune system before it is ravaged by radiation and chemotherapy to provide the best chance for the immune system to to fight the cancer itself.  In this sense, the company has eyes on moving towards a cure for cancer, rather than a treatment.  (Not the words of VFC, rather ideas set forth in the most recent Cel-Sci power point presentation and some recent interviews by CEO Geert Kersten on YouTube). 

    Yes, using the word "cure" in association with a cancer treatment can lead to some skepticism and shock therapy, but this idea - again, according to the presentations and interviews linked above - is the goal towards which Cel-Sci wishes to march.  Regardless, if successful, Multikine is likely to be considered a breakthrough cancer treatment, should it work, and the speculative investment community is keying in on this.  

    Why the recent stock run?

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  • Celsius Holdings (CELH), A Potential Growth And Rebound Play For 2014

    Mar 05, 2014

    One to keep an eye on:

    It's still early in 2014, but Celsius Holdings (CELH) is shaping up as a solid candidate for the 'Comeback Player of the Year'.

    Celsius, the maker of the Celsius calorie-burning beverage, looks to have stabilized its domestic revenue stream just as encouraging signs are emerging overseas.  The boost in publicity and sales numbers has slowly led to an uptick in trading volume over the past couple of quarters, an indication that investors may be slowly discovering this company's potential as a growth or 'second chance' play.

    The latest quarterly and full-year reports support that theory.  Revenue has stabilized to the point where the fourth quarter 2013 number came in at $2.9 million, capping off a record year of $10.6 million for the company.  Significantly, these numbers were achieved without the expensive marketing campaigns of the past that ate away at previous profits, although net losses and expenditures were also on the rise.  Notably, international sales look to be picking up steam, too, and profit margins are on the rise - which sets a solid foundation for future growth...



  • Tuesday Morning Speculative Stock Watch, 18 FEB 2014: CELH, CVM, HPNN, IMSC, ADMD

    Feb 18, 2014

    Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend.  Here are a few speculative plays to keep on the radar and add some excitement to the new trading week...

    Celsius Holdings (OTC:  CELH) has battled to establish relevance for years in the energy drink and healthy beverage sectors, but has failed to catch onto the mainstream, although this company's selection of sugar-free 'calorie burning' beverage flavors brings a unique perspective to the market.  In its latest bid to build on a niche domestic consumer base, Celsius has announced a couple of NASCAR sponsorship deals over the past trading days.  Friday's announcement brought with it volume of over five times the daily average, although CELH shares remained trading in its normal range, established over the past couple of quarters since a run last year to sixty cents from about twenty. 

    The NASCAR fan base is a far cry from the middle-aged gym moms that were the marketing target of the failed Mario Lopez campaign, but Friday's resulting trading volume shows that there is still some interest left in the potential of this company and its calorie-burning beverage options....



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