Posted by Posted by VFC on Aug 26, 2008

Not too long ago, when VFC spoke of Russian and Georgian troops lining the borders of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, it looked as though Russia would use Kosovo's declaration of independence as a precedent to support their bid for the recognition of the two breakaway regions.

Kosovo, or more specifically Kosovsko Mitrovica, was to be the line in the sand drawn between East and West. Russia's determination to gain relevance amid hypocrisy was derailed when the Serb People took the course of European integration rather than go down the path of isolation that Russia had planned out for them. Josip Broz Tito of the Former Yugoslavia had previously broke his country's ties with Russia because he did not find it to be in the best interests of his people to exist under the Iron Curtain of the Soviet Union. Following in the footsteps of Tito, Serbia chose the West over the East. Although Russia staunchly supported Serbia's claim to Kosovo, the Serbs were ultimately hesitant to be sucked into the middle of a renewed Cold War and chose the course of integration rather than segregation. But when Serbia made that choice and went Westward, they undermined Russia's relevance to the International Community; they undermined the influence of the resurgent Russian State; and they left a black mark in the eye of their Slavic brothers that was darker than the Russian oil that runs through European pipelines.

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