As the economic recessions has deepened over the last two quarters, investors are growing even more fearful about the state of the economy moving forward.

Just when it looked like DOW 7,000 just might be the bottom, the market crashed through that level on it's way to near 6,500 and many (including VFC) predict that it will hit 6,000 before this mess is all said and done.

The recession has spared no one and businesses large and small are all sweating out these next few quarters hoping to just stay afloat until the time comes when the economy begins to rebound and people start spending money again.

There are stock market bargains out there that have not been seen for at least a decade and the time to jump in and buy is now, while the economy is in shambles.

This Bear Market also offers the opportunity to invest in less riskier stocks because significant gains can be had all over in the event of an economic recovery, whereas in the Bull Markets the biggest gains usually come as a reward for investing in riskier companies (start-ups, biotech, etc.).

That being said, for reasons ranging from poor management, financial instability or a shift in American culture, not every company out there will successfully emerge from this recession.

Here's three stocks that VFC does not see lasting long enough to enjoy an economic recovery:

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The average person has been convinced that they cannot manage their own money because they either feel that they have no time to keep track of their investments or because the professional money managers have been successful at keeping these people ignorant.

Recent actions by the big boys have shown that they will look after themselves and their own money long before they will look after you or yours. When dealing with the big boys, you’re not just dealing with monetary matters; you’re also dealing with variables such as ego and power- and that is where things get dangerous.

Here are three reasons why the little guy is better off trusting their own Due Diligence rather than listening to the big boys.

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