A couple of questions were posted on VFC's Stock House and I'll give VFC's take:

Both Questions were from Barkley. I deleted the post and his email due to the fact that there are spamming rif-raf that browse the blogs. If he still wants his email out there he'll let me know and I'll post it.

Question: I recently have taken a hit due to the bad news about INSMED. I never cashed in on the gains leading up to the bad news so it hurt extra bad. I realized how inexperienced I am and how much I actually don't know. You seem to have a plethora of knowledge and I have a lot of questions. Not about which stock to pick but about strategy. An example would be at what percentage of growth should you take your gains to minimize your losses?

VFC's Take: In my opinion, you want to be playing on house money with your stocks; meaning you've pulled enough profits after a run to cover the cost of your initial investment. This way, if your stock goes to zero you break even on the investment.

That being said, breaking even is never the goal of investing, it's about realizing profits. In order to keep yourself honest, before you invest in a stock you need to have an entry and an exit strategy.

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I'll try to keep this short because VFC has been accused of rambling at times.

The health care debate has been plastered all over the news of late as the President tries to advance his budget-breaking agenda through the Congress and Senate.

Critics of the White House plan point out that sub-standard treatment and long wait lines are trademarks of nationalized health care in other countries that have it, but there is one point that is NOT being made by critics- citizens who receive nationalized health care in those countries that the President uses as models often don't want the nationalized coverage; they just that they have any other choice but to use it.

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