The real mis-information continues to come from the White House. If you listen to the President you would be led to believe that the alternative option to his plan is to do nothing.

That's far from the case.

The opposition wants health care reform to start with Tort reform - I give VFC's Take on Heal...

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Some of these posts that I'll be putting out are geared towards the small investor, especially those that are just starting out. If you're not a new investor and have no interest in the 'VFC Stock Market Lessons Learned', then don't read on.

A Brief History

When I started investing heavily - and by heavily I mean when I really started putting time into looking for and researching good stocks - I ventured out without much guidance, because quality sources for guidance are few and far between, and I learned a lot through experience and On-the-Job Training (OJT).

After realizing I had to do something with my money besides paying for college educations of for the children of bar owners around the globe, I looked for a way into the market. I spurned many financial advisers who offered to manage my money for me because, after seeing the absolutely ridiculous fees that they charged for 'helping me out', I figured that I would just be paying them for something that I could probably do myself. In retrospect, after seeing my gains compared to where others are right now that went with the money managers that tried to recruit me - I made the right decision.

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I'd fell a whole lot better about the 'Cash for Clunkers' program if we hadn't already dished billions of dollars into the union, I mean, auto bailout programs. This is just another example of the government spending billions of dollars before they can get it right.

As for health care, I'll believe that the President is serious about reforming health care if he shows the willingness to tackle the following issues, which until now, he has not:

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August 5, 2009 is the expected date that the FDA will announce a decision regarding Nuvo Research's Pennsaid (, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that is already marketed in Canada and some European countries.

Nuvo has partnered with Covidien to bring Pennsaid and Pennsaid Plus in the U...

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