Posted by Posted by VFC on Sep 29, 2009 Shares of Titan Pharmaceuticals continue to trade in a somewhat flat trading range as investors eagerly await the anticipated fourth quarter launch of Fanapt - a schizophrenia drug produced by Vanda Pharmaceuticals - of which Titan will receive between 8-10% in royalties.

It's been long speculated by investors, including VFC, that Titan and Vanda will both be a part of the same acquisition/partnership deal and that news regarding such would be released at some time just before the fourth quarter launch of Fanapt.

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There's a chance I may be Missing In Action for the next couple of days, so I wanted to pass off a little bit off advice that stems from a pet peeve of mine - a lack of patience by small investors in the market.

As a small investor, patience has to be the name of your game. If you cheat patience, you're only cheating yourself and you may be cheating yourself out of some pretty significant gains in the process.

Let the big boys move from stock to stock day after day to feed their impatient thirst for more immediate gains, they can afford it - but the small investor needs to find a stock that they can believe in and slowly accumulate it before it takes off.

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