Imagine the horror of the Kennedy clan to know that the Massachusetts Senate seat held steadfastly for decades by Ted Kennedy became the symbol of opposition to the tax and spend, left-leaning agenda being pushed by Washington these days.

Who would've known that the seat of the Senator who championed the cause of health care reform for so long would become the seat - or the vote - that would derail the health care platform as it stands today. Ironically enough, we don't really know what that is because the health care debate has been held behind closed doors where no American (other than those that consider themselves to know what's better for us than us) can peek in - or turn on CSPAN - to see what's going on.

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Posted by Posted by VFC on Jan 19, 2010

TTNP.pk: Shares of Titan Pharmaceuticals rose over three percent on Tuesday after an early morning press release stated that the company had filed a registration statement with the SEC, bringing Titan another step closer to once again becoming a fully reporting company.

Additionally, the PR stated ...

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ACTC.ob: Shares of Advanced Cell Technology closed the day on Thursday at twelve cents, up over sixteen percent on the day.

The company announced via press release that it will present at the OneMedForum 2010 Emerging Company Finance Conference next Tuesday, January 12th, in San Fransisco, California...

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