Posted by Posted by VFC on Mar 23, 2010

ONTY: Shares of Oncothyreon dropped into the mid three dollar range on Tuesday after it was announced by Merck KGaA that all Stimuvax trials were put on hold due to a patient contracting encephalitis in one of the trials.

An investigation is underway to discover the cause of this event - the first o...

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A big part of the strategy implemented by our politicians in order to gain support for the unwanted health care bill has been to play on our emotions by taking to the airwaves and to the campaign trails and parading example after example of citizens that were denied insurance because of a pre-existing condition.

Here's my problem with this argument: How are we differentiating between those who were healthy and CHOSE not to pay for health coverage until AFTER they became sick and those who actually could not afford coverage, and by the time that they could - they got denied.

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Posted by Posted by VFC on Mar 01, 2010

BDSI: Shares of BioDelivery Sciences have approached the four dollar mark once again after the company recently issued a PR outlining current and future developments regarding the company.

Of note, BioDelivery announced that it plans to move forward with Phase III studies for three products in early...

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