At the conclusion of each week, VFC's Stock House examines some news items, stocks and stories that made headlines during the previous trading week, but may also make headlines or influence trends during the upcoming week as well. Although focusing intently on the biotech and healthcare sectors, due attention is also given to potential market-moving or game-changing companies in a broad variety of markets and industries. The 'Weekly Stock Watch' will also introduce new companies for coverage and identify some stocks that may have entered 'buy territory'.

Here's a toast to the first quarter of 2012, one that returned quite a bit of green to the portfolios of many an investor, renewed confidence in the markets and also had many forget the dog days of early 2009 when everybody and their brother was telling you to sell everything.

Those that might have bucked the selling trend and used the dip to buy are sitting pretty right about now, but that doesn't mean another market correction isn't in the works...

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With the quarter coming to a close on Friday, the broad markets all traded relatively flat for the week and some economic numbers in the United States hinted at a prolonged recovery while concerns in Europe continue to quell any all-out euphoria.

Spanish workers took to the streets in protest and strike over the government's plans to cut spending, reform labor laws and get a grip on the country's spiraling economy that boasts unemployment of over 20%.

Although the DOW is trading close to its all time highs, it's hardly likely that the markets can sustain such vigor while Europe as a whole is still straddling the lines of economic collapse, and it doesn't help that the general population across the pond is not on board with reform. But you can't blame the people for being unhappy that the already extremely high tax rates they pay are going even higher, at least for those with jobs...

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Shares of Oncothyreon (ONTY) starting slipping earlier this month after it became apparent that results from an going Phase III trial testing the company's immunotherapeutic treatment for non-small cell lung cancer, Stimuvax, would not be released until early 2013.

Previous expectations had those results coming at some point this year, while some investors expected the ongoing trial would have even been halted after independent review, if results looked encouraging enough to move forward with approval based on the data compiled so far...

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The DOW is still teetering over 13,000, not giving much of an indication either way as to whether or not the long-speculated correction is coming, but headlines in support of both sides of the argument are still running across the wires, making traders edgy and throwing continued volatility into the mix.

It's my opinion that it's best to prepare for both scenarios, which compels me to sell some recent-runners in order to have a few bucks on the sideline if a correction does take shape, especially with the weather warming up and the summer generally being vacation time for Wall Street...

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Shares of Siga Technologies (SIGA) opened the new trading week on quite the run.

Volume of nearly five times the norm sparked a thirty percent price spike as SIGA closed near the high of the day.

As recently as last week we noted at VFC's Stock House that shares of Siga Technologies (SIGA) may have been entering buy territory. Siga had opened 2012 strong, with a run in February run pushing shares close to the four dollar mark, a price level that was predicted by some media outlets at the time.

The four dollar level never was breached, while SIGA quietly and quickly slipped back to previously-traded levels of under three bucks...

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The DOW, S&P and Nasdaq all jumped by well over one percent on Monday, opening the week on a strong note following the worst week of 2012 thus far. Bernanke gave investors the warm/fuzzy, but economic concerns in Europe, rising oil prices and threats from the Middle East are all factors that we're going to hear about again, so it's tough to get euphoric about the market strength right now.

But boy does all the green look good.

You've got to love politics. Rick Santorum has spent the better part of the past six months (although it seems like years) tearing apart Mitt Romney on his policies and politics, and even got downright personal at times. But when asked if he'd join the Romney choo-choo train as Vice President if asked, of course he said he'd jump on board...

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A question from Mark regarding Human Genome Sciences (HGSI) and the potential of the company if we take a potential buyout from the equation:

I wonder if you still have any warm feelings for the stock [HGSI] if it is not a prospect for takeover.

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At the conclusion of each week, VFC's Stock House examines some news items, stocks and stories that made headlines during the previous trading week, but may also make headlines or influence trends during the upcoming week as well. With and emphasis on the biotech and healthcare sectors, VFC's Stock House also takes a glance at potential market-moving stocks in a broad spectrum of sectors, while also providing insight into the major news items of the week.

This week attention is going to be on the strength of the markets, with many pundits predicting a market correction is imminent while others believe that continuously-improving economic numbers will be enough to sustain the positive recent trends, although the DOW did just experience its worst week of the year.

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It was a slow news day Thursday as our most popular politicians and news pundits were distracted playing Etch-A-Sketch, but a few stories caught my eye...

Robert DiNero has taken a whole lot of slack for his "First Lady" comment, and surprisingly enough for a Hollywood great, he apologized for it.

That doesn't happen every day.

But in all honesty, the guy was just poking a little fun at those who believed that America wasn't ready for Michelle Obama in the White House during the last Presidential campaign. While poking fun, he was also giving her some credit, since she's done a pretty remarkable job moving her own causes forward while staying on the relative sidelines.

The fact that those comments caused so much controversy is just another example of how this country has far lost its sense of humor...

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Ampio Pharmaceuticals (AMPE) released positive trial news for Optina in the treatment of Diabetic Macular Edema (DME) earlier this week and shares quickly spiked to over the four dollar mark as a result. Although shares have since retreated to under that price, the results solidify a trend that has the company's pipeline of repositioned products on a roll.

Before the positive Optina results, Ampio also informed investors and the medical community that its potential blockbuster product, Ampion, had been successful in multiple trials as an anti-inflammatory. Given the side effects that are carried with today's standard anti-inflammatory treatments, Ampion could come along just at the right time when medical professionals are looking for alternatives...

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Shares of Immunocellular Therapeutics (IMUC) were flying fast on Thursday.

A strong close pushed the share price to over the three dollar mark, effectively setting a new 52-week high at $3.22. Thursday's trading action tagged IMUC with the 'triple' stamp since early January when a financing deal sent shares south, only to quickly rebound when new institutional interest was discovered to have taken up a significant position in the company.

Needless to say, the quick triple marks some very significant gains and underlines the attention that this company's pipeline is receiving...

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Last week VFC's Stock House outlined some potential catalysts that Prolor Biotech (PBTH) had pending that would have high-powered implications on the validation and potential success of the company's Carboxyl Terminal Peptide (CTP) based technology.

It was argued that should Prolor receive approval for and initiate a Phase II trial in children for hGH-CTP, a longer-lasting treatment for hormone deficiency, that it would hugely validate the trials conducted thus far and increase the chances that the company would receive the green light later this year to initiate a Phase III trial in adults...

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It was a big day in sports on Wednesday.

As a result of the "bounty-gate" scandal that has engulfed the NFL's off season, Commissioner Roger Goodell handed down the harshest fines in NFL history when he suspended New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton without pay for the entire 2012 season. The Commish also suspended former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams indefinitely and canned General Manager Mickey Loomis for the first eight regular-season games of next season.

And he wasn't done yet.

Assistant coach Joe Vitt will also sit out the first six games of next season; and the Saints have to pay a half-million dollar fine; and the team loses their second round draft picks for the next two seasons.

Wow. How do you really feel, Rog? ...

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NovaBay Pharmaceuticals (NBY) released news this week that offers to broaden the scope and reach of the company's Aganocide compounds, which are being positioned as anti-infectives and could potentially replace modern day antibiotics as resistance to such treatment grows.

On Tuesday NovaBay announced a deal with Virbac Animal Health to bring its technology to the veterinary market. According to the agreement, NovaBay will receive an upfront payment - and some additional support for research and development - while Virbac will retain the option to license any of the Aganocide compounds that are successfully applied to treating veterinary indications...

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After a decisive victory in Illinois, it's about time for Republicans and the other Republican Presidential hopefuls to come to close up shop and realize that Mitt is going to be their man come November.

Although Rick Santorum will use the fact that he got outspent "21-1" as the excuse for racking up another "L" in the loss column, it's also a big reason as to why there's little chance he'll make up ground in any states following Illinois...

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Investors were smelling news at the end of last week when shares of Amarin Corp (AMRN) started to rise on the back of a big volume boost, as call options also went crazy. Shares opened the new trading week relatively flat, but on Tuesday news hit the wires that looks to have justified Amarin's rapid price run.

During the morning hours of the trading day the announcement came that the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) had finally published notification of the awarding of the patent that Amarin had been seeking to protect its AMR-101 treatment for high triglycerides, which currently stands before the FDA in search of a market approval...

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The new week started off with a bang.

Tim Tebow's era looks to be coming to an end in Denver as Peyton Manning reportedly picked the Mile High City as his new home, but I still thought Peyton would have been better off backing up his kid brother in New York - better known as "ELI, the Two-Time Super Bowl Champ."

Speaking of New York, the owners of the New York Mets have settled with a trustee for Bernie Maddoff's victims in a case of alleged "willful blindness". For just $162 million - or $60 million more than what Jose Reyes would have cost for six or so years - the Wilpons can wipe their hands of the Madoff spectacle and get back to destroying National League Baseball in NYC...

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Heavy volume carried shares of Ampio Pharmaceuticals (AMPE) to well over the four dollar mark during early trading on Monday after the company announced that interim results from a trial testing Optina as a treatment for Diabetic Macular Edema (DME) were strong enough to justify halting the trial early and moving forward with the FDA's regulatory process.

The early trial halt, according to Dr. Vaughan Clift, Chief Regulatory Officer of Ampio in statements released Monday morning, allows the company to prepare a "consultation package" for the FDA, the next step in setting up for a pivotal trial that would ultimately bring the product before the FDA for approval...

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Updated report from this weekend:

Celsius Holdings (CELH) has hired the public relations agency 5W, according to reports circulating the wires on Monday morning.

5W is a highly-reputable PR agency, representing some very big-named clients. The addition of Celsius to the firm's client list could have contributed to last week's boost in volume...

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Volume and price were both rising for shares of Celsius Holdings (CELH.PK) last week, and shares closed Friday at the high of the day on significant volume for the lightly-traded stock. Although two days of solid trading patterns does not mark a turnaround just yet, there is reason to believe that interest may again be growing for the Celsius calorie-burning pre-workout drink.

The company reported another round of earnings earlier this month, and although the report had little initial impact on the share price, it may have provided a starting point for new investors to start taking interest in this potential rebound story...

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Lpath, Inc. (LPTN.OB) settled some uncertainty last week when an expected date was announced to restart the halted iSONEP trials.

The announcement failed to initially spark any move in the share price, but on Friday volume was twice the daily average and LPTN jumped by four percent before the day was done.

Lpath is the recognized leader of lipid-based therapeutics and the company's pipeline products are based on the proprietary ImmuneY2 platform, which contains the ability to generate therapeutic antibodies that bind to and inhibit bioactive lipids that contribute to the spreading and growth of various diseases and inflammatory/auto-immune disorders...

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Amarin Corporation will be attracting its share of attention this week.

The company started making headlines about mid-week last week when volume started coming in strong, igniting a price run that culminated in an 18% spike on Friday. Volume remained strong as well, with the 18% rise being accompanied by five times the daily trading norm...

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At the conclusion of each week, VFC's Stock House examines some news items, stocks and stories that made headlines during the previous trading week, but may also make headlines or influence trends during the upcoming week as well. With and emphasis on the biotech and healthcare sectors, VFC's Stock House also takes a glance at potential market-movers in a broad spectrum of sectors, while also providing insight into the major news items of the week.

This week, in honor of St. Patrick's Day (now known as "O'Green Day" in one Massachusetts school), we'll take a look at some hot-movers of the past week that added a fair amount of "green" to investors portfolios and may continue to do the same into the next trading week.

Another strong week for the markets is in the books, but many still predict that a correction is inevitable, adding to the already volatile nature of today's financial outlook. The prospects of a pullback also make it a trader's game, as many of one week's hot-runners can quickly turn into the next week's pullback stories as traders get in and out quicker than the Mets can add another bat to the disabled list...

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The potential of Prolor Biotech's (PBTH) pipeline is quickly coming to fruition.

Prolor possesses world wide rights to the naturally-occurring Carboxyl Terminal Peptide (CTP), which can be attached to already-existing therapeutic proteins in order to slow the process by which the protein is removed from the human body, thereby creating an extended life span for an already-existing treatment and significantly reducing the amount of injections or applications a patient would need to endure during the course of treatment...

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A few companies making headlines on Wednesday:

Amarain Corp (AMRN): Shares of Amarin (AMRN) jumped by well over a dollar during intra-day trading on Wednesday, on volume nearly four times the daily norm. No news was released in conjunction with the price increase and call options were also being bought up by the boat load.

The push to over eight dollars comes amid a couple of volatile weeks for this once high-flying stock, and judging by the burst of interest on Wednesday, investors may feel that news is imminent...

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Agenus, Inc. (AGEN) spiked another 10% during intra-day trading on Wednesday, continuing a run that was ignited by the expanding of an agreement with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) earlier this month that had the buyout rumors swirling.

In the agreement, geared around Agenus' vaccine adjuvant QS-21 Stimulon, Glaxo was granted a 'first right of refusal' for any buyout offers Agenus may receive in relation to the company as a whole or any of its pipeline products.

The protracted movement in share price has put this company on the map again...

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As has been discussed and predicted on numerous occasions before, Advanced Cell Technology (ACTC.OB) is taking the logical next step in its development and looking to conduct a reverse split in order to bring down the share count and raise the price enough to meet the minimum requirements for a listing on the big boards.

Advanced Cell Technology (ACT) has already left an imprint in the field of regenerative medicine when the FDA granted the company permission to conduct a human clinical trial using its stem-cell based retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) program to treat severe vision loss. At the time of the FDA green light ACT was only the second company to have received such an approval, with Geron (GERN) having been the first.

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This morning, VFC's Stock House highlighted some important developments for BioDelivery Sciences, both on the legal and pipeline fronts.

Since then, however, the company has released follow-up news that bodes well for the resolution of patent-infringement litigation brought before BDSI by Monosol Rx, LLC...

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BioDelivery Sciences (BDSI) shares about tripled earlier this year when the company signed a worldwide licensing and development agreement with Endo Pharmaceuticals (ENDP) to bring BEMA Buprenorphine to market as a treatment for chronic pain.

BEMA Bup, as its known for short, failed to meet the primary endpoint of a Phase III trial completed earlier this year, although company CEO Dr. Mark Sirgo said at the time that some data from the trial was compelling enough to warrant additional studies...

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Last week shares of Lpath, Inc. (LPTN) took a twenty percent dive after news circulated of a financing agreement that priced shares well below the price for which they were trading on the open market.

Just a short time before that shares had already taken a hit following news that two ongoing proof-of-concept trials for iSONEP were halted in January. The trials were not halted due to concerns about iSONEP's safety profile, however, rather it was concerns from FDA that the company's fill/finish contractor, Formatech, Inc., was not in compliance with FDA's current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) requirements that led to the trial stop...

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Shares of Agenus (AGEN) were up by as much as ten percent to open the trading week on Monday, with volume surpassing the daily norm by mid-day. The spark to this latest run flared last week when an announcement of an expansion of a partnership with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) ignited buyout talks in regards to the two companies. In the expansion of the partnership deal, it was included that GSK would receive a 'first right of refusal' in the event of an Agenus buyout, or if certain of Agenus properties were to be on the bidding block, namely QS-21 and/or Prophage...

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Oncothyreon (ONTY) 40% haircut last week after the company released its latest earnings report. It's not likely the report, however that disappointed investors as much as it was the indication that Phase III Stimuvax trial results would not be available until early in 2013.

Many investors had expected a much earlier release, while others even counted on an independent monitoring committee being satisfied enough with the results thus far to halt the trial in order tally results early. When that scenario did not pan out, the traders bailed, hence the sharp drop in ONTY share price...

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A week after cautionary statements from company officials regarding first quarter Provenge numbers sent Dendreon (DNDN) shares slipping, the company faced a new challenge last week - competition.

According to reports that circulated last week, Johnson & Johnson's (JNJ) prostate cancer drug, Zytiga, was primed to mount a huge challenge to Provenge on the open market, based on late stage study results...

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Shares of Sirius XM Radio, Inc. (SIRI) were thrust into the spotlight late last week as an interview by CNBC's stock pundit and 'Mad Money' host Jim Cramer with Sirius XM CEO Mel Karmazin aired on Thursday evening.

The two discussed the recent successes of the company and keyed in on the bright future expected for Sirius XM, given the vast increase of free cash flow, which - they both argued - will significantly enhance the value of the company moving forward. The swift increase in the satellite radio service's subscriber base was also noted, as was the rebound in new car sales that is expected to continue to bring in new subscriptions, which translated into more free cash flow and, consequently, more value for investors...

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At the conclusion of each week, VFC's Stock House examines the stocks and stories that made news through various sectors during the previous trading week, but may also make headlines or influence trends during the upcoming week as well.

Encouraging job numbers last week supported the recent sustained higher prices in the markets, while the DOW still hovers right around the 13,000 mark. Many analysts and economists, however, still predict that a market correction is in store at some point over the coming months which will only add to the continued volatility in the markets that - while making some of the long term investors nervous - has led to plenty of ample trading opportunities.

The prospect of a correction is also supported by the continued civil, geo-political and economic unrest around the globe that dominates today's headlines.

European leaders agreed last week on a plan to set the Greece economy straight, but many investors had to swallow huge losses and few are convinced that the economic woes of other large players in the European economy, namely Spain and Italy, won't also have to be dealt with.

The threat of eventual military action in Iran over its nuclear program is still contributing to inflated oil prices, while the potential for air strikes in Syria, as proposed by US Senator John McCain, reinforces the fact that the Middle East is still far from stable - a full year after the Arab Spring sprang into action.

Vladimir Putin has returned to his position as President in Russia - as if he ever really left - and as long as oil prices are high, expect him to feel emboldened enough to continue to launch Russia to the forefront of international affairs, often times in opposition to what may be good for the US economy and policies.

In sports, Peyton Manning was announced as a free agent last week, and maybe it's time he comes to New York to join his brother Eli - as a backup to the TWO-time Super Bowl champ. We need something to talk about this summer since the best the Mets will have to offer is the trade talk that'll surround David Wright and Johan Santana (if he even makes a start).

Another exciting trading week lies ahead, here's a few stories to watch...

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Cel-Sci Corp (CVM) has put some bad news in the rear view mirror.

An announcement on Tuesday informed the public that the company has paid off the full outstanding convertible debenture, having paid it down $1 million per month. The debenture was the result of settled litigation and frees up Cel-Sci to concentrate additional resources towards what's most important - the ongoing, world wide Phase III Multikine trial, said to be the largest ever conducted for head and neck cancer...

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In a day that saw the DOW drop by just about 200 points, these companies were falling as a result of factors not associated with the broad market downturn...

Lpath, Inc. (LPTN.OB): Shares of Lpath, Inc. (LPTN.OB) were on the dive on Tuesday as the result of a agreement that priced shares at $.75, roughly twenty percent below where they had been trading leading into the announcement.

The drop was accompanied by volume of more than ten times the daily norm.

VFC's Stock House identified this company as a prime buyout candidate not too long ago, and also emphasized the potential opportunity that was opening up for long term minded investors during the recent price decline...

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Add Agenus, Inc. (AGEN) to the growing list of small biotech companies that are quickly becoming prime buyout candidates.

Agenus announced on Monday, in conjunction with releasing its fourth quarter earnings report, that GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has upped the ante in its partnership with Agenus for the vaccine adjuvant QS-21, an additive that prolongs the life of the standard vaccine. Glaxo is using QS-21, also known as Stimulon, in multiple of its late stage vaccine candidates, including in a malaria vaccine that gained a large amount of international coverage for both AGEN and GSK late last year after proving to be effective in late stage study results...

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VFC's Stock House has been monitoring the progress of OncoVista Innovative Therapies (OVIT.OB) over the past couple of weeks, as the company's share price has moved by over 100% since mid February on relatively huge volume for the lightly-traded stock.

The trend continued on Monday when a new short term high of over sixty cents was reached, a level not seen for OVIT shares since last summer...

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The pre-announcement KERX runup is in full effect.

Shares of Keryx Biopharmaceuticals (KERX) have been in the spotlight since late last year when investors starting taking notice of the company's expected release of Phase III trial results for the cancer treatment Perifisone, partnered with AEterna Zentaris (AEZS).

This week KERX shares blew past the five dollar mark, before closing just under that mark, on huge volume...

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In keeping with the unofficial theme of the week - watching companies such as Human Genome Sciences (HGSI) and Amarin Corporation (AMRN) whose stock prices have provided ample trading opportunities over the last few months - let's take a look at Siga Technologies (SIGA).

This one just about has it all right now to keep the headlines moving, legal issues, political drama, a huge government contract award and a product that could be worth billions someday. Siga's ST-246 is potentially the only orally administered antiviral targeting orthopox viruses that works, and the company has already tagged the product with an orphan drug designation and "fast track" status...

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Generally, as goes Dendreon (DNDN), goes the cancer immunotherapy sector as a whole.

Such was the case last summer when the Dendreon juggernaut was stopped dead in its tracks after all of the Provenge sales woes came to light, and it was the case yet again when a rebound in those Provenge sales numbers led to a brief, but notable surge earlier this year.

The tide may be changing, though, as some in the sector are starting to move on without DNDN leading the way...

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Shares of Human Genome Sciences (HGSI) quickly returned to the ten dollar level earlier this year after having slipped to below seven bucks during the closing weeks of 2011. The rebound was short-lived, however, as the latest earnings report did not demonstrate enough established growth in Benlysta sales to satisfy those investors that have a closer eye on the short term, rather than the long...

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Keep an eye on shares of OnvoVista Innovative Therapies (OVIT.OB) this week.

A noticable boost in volume has started to result in a price boost, too, and Friday's late day trading action could be an indicator that speculative investors may be starting to take notice. In fact, Friday's volume was nearly twenty times the daily norm for this lightly traded, below-the-radar company, and the achieved intra-day highs made the stock more than a double in just seven trading sessions...

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"Amarin Falls 10% Amid Patent Concerns," read one headline from Friday after trading volume of nearly ten million sent shares of Amarin Corporation (AMRN) tumbling.

To the contrary, however, headlines from the day before read to the tune of, "Amarin Shares Rebound 12%."

The "rebound" materialized after news on Wednesday hit the wires that the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) had rejected Amarin's patent application for AMR-101, its treatment for very high triglycerides that is currently before the FDA for approval review, and sent shares south by ten percent...

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Celsius Holdings (CELH.PK), maker of the pre-workout calorie burning beverage Celsius, reported another round of earnings last week, although the report had little impact on the share price and sparked only modest, if any, new investor interest.

After a volatile year in 2010 that saw huge expenditures thrown at a nationwide advertising campaign that ultimately did not pay off as planned, Celsius spent the better part of 2011 regaining its foothold in the healthy and pre-workout beverage markets...

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At the conclusion of each week, VFC's Stock House examines the stocks and stories that made news through various sectors during the previous trading week, but may also make headlines or influence trends during the upcoming week as well.

Last week, Investors continued to look for signs that the global economy was on the rebound. The DOW flirted with 13,000, but was unable to hold that mark even as US unemployment numbers looked to be improving. Continued concerns of debt and unemployment in Europe, specifically in Greece and Spain, still weigh heavily on the prospects of overall recovery.

Ongoing tough talk from Iran and a potential closing of the Straits of Hormuz has oil prices surging to levels not seen for years and the US consumer is forced to pay nearly five dollars a gallon for gas, not a high level compared to European prices, for example, but high enough to pull a significant amount of free cash flow from the pockets of the retail investor. Last week was also one of numerous high-profile earnings reports from various sectors. Those reports, as outlined below, led to some expected and unexpected volatility, which sets up another exciting trading week.

In Sports, the New York Mets published photos of Johan Santana pitching batting practice to Ike Davis during the opening days of Spring Training - which will likely end up being the highlight of the New York Mets' season for 2012. Too bad the Rangers and the Knicks can't carry us through the summer.

The next five trading sessions are sure to register a fair amount of continued economic volatility, and there are sure to be some exciting stories to watch. Here's just a few of them:

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Shares of Immunocellular Therapeutics (IMUC.OB) have stormed through the two dollar mark this week, with strong volume on Wednesday pushing shares as high as $2.43 before closing the day at a respectable $2.37. Both highs are well more than double the January lows and indicate that investors may be jumping on board in anticipation of a possible move one of the larger trading boards, one of a few short to mid term catalysts that could propel IMUC shares higher...

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Shares of OncoVista Innovative Therapies (OVIT.OB) had dipped into the mid twenty cent range during the early goings of 2012, but a nice spurt of volume over the past week had shares trading for as high as forty cents. In fact, more shares have traded hands over the past seven trading sessions than all previous sessions this year combined, capped by Tuesday's volume of 215,000 shares traded and Wednesdays showing of over 160,000 shares...

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