Disclaimer:  VFC has no affiliation with Cel-Sci Corporation (CVM).  VFC does not offer advice or investment services and nothing you read here should be construed as such.  VFC is just a guy with an opinion and access to a computer and a keyboard.  Each investor must conduct his or her own DD before investing.  VFC enjoys exchanging ideas and strategies with others in the investing community.  VFC currently holds a core long position in CVM and has a handful of trading shares to play the volatility.

Cel-Sci (CVM) shares are trading at roughly $4.40 at the time of this writing, down from a high of $8.47 reached on 9 May.  Until mid-March, shares were trading for under the three dollar mark, making CVM a multi-bagger on the year.  Market cap is currently just over 151 million.  All information provided by the Nasdaq and Yahoo! Finance websites.

Why the interest?  

Cel-Sci is in the late stages of a robust Phase III trial testing Multikine, the company's lead developmental product, for the treatment of head and neck cancer.  Multikine is one of the newer breed of cancer immunotherapy treatments, which are designed to harness the body's own immune system to fight and possibly defeat cancer cells.  What is unique about Multikine, tho, is that the treatment is administered before the Standard of Care (SOC) treatment. 

Why is this significant? 

A patient's immune system is at its strongest prior to the commencement of SOC treatment, which includes surgery along with radiation and chemotherapy treatments.  Such treatments weaken the body and therefor weaken the body's immune system, too.  The vision of Multikine is to harness the patient's own immune system before it is ravaged by radiation and chemotherapy to provide the best chance for the immune system to to fight the cancer itself.  In this sense, the company has eyes on moving towards a cure for cancer, rather than a treatment.  (Not the words of VFC, rather ideas set forth in the most recent Cel-Sci power point presentation and some recent interviews by CEO Geert Kersten on YouTube). 

Yes, using the word "cure" in association with a cancer treatment can lead to some skepticism and shock therapy, but this idea - again, according to the presentations and interviews linked above - is the goal towards which Cel-Sci wishes to march.  Regardless, if successful, Multikine is likely to be considered a breakthrough cancer treatment, should it work, and the speculative investment community is keying in on this.  

Why the recent stock run?

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