Shares of Cel-Sci Corp (CVM) had a very solid trading day on Wednesday, trading up by over five percent on volume that was nearly double the recent daily trading average - aside from a couple of days of high volume that pushed the price through nine bucks in mid-September.  For recent followers of my blog, I've been pointing out the potential catalysts for this company since early this year.  For those who have been following for a while, you'll know I've been tracking CVM since prior to the commencement of the Phase III trial and have traded in and out over the years.

As with every developing biotech, Cel-Sci has experienced many peaks and valleys during the process of bringing Multikine, the company's lead product candidate for the treatment (or cure, as stated in the company's investor presentation) of head and neck cancer.  Although many on the short side of the biotech sector will use these peaks and valleys to incite fear into the less battle-hardened investors, the volatility is absolutely normal during the process and is no indication of the final success or failure of a drug or treatment.  "Biotech" is a trading sector in the broad markets and it is not run by science; the scientists run the science in the labs and - for the most part - steer clear of navigating the trading sector.

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As previously discussed, Cel-Sci is in the final stages of a global Phase III trial testing the effectiveness of its lead product candidate, Multikine, in the treatment of head and neck cancer.  You can click HERE for my previous blog posts on the subject or scroll down the home page, if you'd like.  Although the share price and trading volume has somewhat stagnated through the summer months - as short interest continued to increase - a few items of interest are coming up that could reinvigorate life into CVM trading action...

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