Earlier today I posted a write-up on my blog regarding Cel-Sci Corp (CVM) and the company's potential for Multikine, a potential billion-dollar blockbuster if proven successful in a Phase III head and neck cancer trial for which we may see imminent results.  I also discussed Cel-Sci's LEAPS platform, an immunotherapy treatment that had been looked at previously to treat the H1N1 flu years ago.  If you haven't checked out that blog post already, you might as well now.  It's a decent read.

Click the Read More link below to a follow-up post regarding today's news about LEAPS for the potential treatment of Coronavirus and how it will / could / should affect the CVM share price moving forward.

Ah yeah.

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Stay safe, stay home - don't spread the virus.  Although you may be young and strong, those at the highest risk of contracting the virus don't appreciate those who are not taking it serious.  It could be your grandparents who you infect - or someone else's.  We're all in this together.  Take it seriously.

While quarantined at home, let's continue to take a look at some stocks that can rebound when the madness is over and Thanos retreats...

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Cel-Sci Corp (CVM) isn't one that snuck up on us, we've been chatting about it for a while now due to the potential of the company's possibly ground-breaking cancer immunotherapy treatment, Multikine .  
CVM is also not necessarily a 'stock market crash pick' either, because although shares have retreated off their recent highs of over $17 when the market fell, they've rebounded nicely and are hovering right around the twelve dollar price.  Given how much short interest this stock has held combined with childish attempts to drive the share price lower (see recent PR about an "investigation" by a law firm to find "possible" breaches of fiduciary duty), and shares are looking pretty good about now, given the overall market turmoil....
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It's a crazy world right now, hopefully everyone is taking Covid-19 serious enough to exercise risk management in regards to spreading it around - our elderly and compromised are most at risk, so be smart and don't take it lightly how easily this thing spreads.  It's not just about you, your actions could affect others; we are all in this together.

That said, a by-product of the virus is a monumental drop in a whole lotta share prices in the stock market.  This could turn into an opportunity for opportune traders not seen since the crash of 2008/2009 when some incredible gems were thrown our way.  A few off the top of my head I can recall were Citi (C) for about a buck, Microsoft (MSFT) for twenty one bucks, SiriusXM (SIRI) traded for mere pennies at one point, and Google (GOOG), or Alphabet however you want to call it, dropped again down into the three hundred dollar range.  Point being, there were plenty of gems that recovered from that crash, although a few that didn't.  Those that were not afraid of the red in the market and jumped in while others were selling ended up making bank. 

That may be the case once again.  While things look bleak, the markets will persevere. 

They will rebound.

One of the stock stories I'm following right now is:

Zosano Pharma (ZSAN):  Love this one for under fifty cents.

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