Posted by VFC on Jan 28, 2021

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Shares of Cel Sci Corp (CVM) went BOOM BIGGETY!!! Yesterday, 27 January 2021, soaring to a high of over forty dollars before settling back down to close the day at twenty five even.  No news was released to coincide with the spike, but much of the action is likely attributed to the attention being given to highly shorted stocks by a large and effective retail investing community on Reddit, with GameStop (GME) and AMC Entertainment (AMC) being the most notable beneficiaries of that attention.  For Cel-Sci, tho, many props has to be given to the “Kill CVM Shorts” guy for his relentless supply of information and DD while following CVM for many years.  His site has laid the foundation for information which investors could build upon with their own research and which gave a great assist to the BADABING BADABOOM price action yesterday.

For more info on Cel-Sci, browse my library of posts about the company dating back over a decade, or hang on for a bit and I’ll provide a happy recap.

Before moving on, tho, let’s talk a bit of that price action and the hypocrisy we see in the market place. 

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