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Over a decade ago when I was just a bored blogger attracted to the new wave of blogging sweeping the Internet and empowering the little guy, I published a post about this biotech blogging guy with a bigger audience than I who I felt was doing the small investors a disservice.  Reading it back now, my blog post was written pretty soft (it was just a blog, after all), but many of my readers enjoyed it and spread it around the 'net at the time.

Now, many years later, I look back at that story and the story of this Feuerstein guy and I wonder how many small investors are actually pretty pissed off at this guy because he has scared them away from many money-making opportunities in the market?

Let's start with Cel-Sci Corp (CVM).  I've written about this company probably more than any other one in the history of my blogging, aside from maybe Celsius Holdings (CELH) and Feuerstein has dedicated a whole lot of time dissin' Cel Sci along the journey of testing Multikine in treatment of head and neck cancer.  Please see my previous posts for history on this potential blockbuster treatment, we'll keep this write-up just about the stock. 

Shares of Cel-Sci have been in the penny range before, spiked and dipped many many times along the way due to some "Days of Our Lives" type drama, but also because that is the inherent nature of drug development in America.  Small companies are forced to go to Tony Soprano and his goon squad to procure financing to bring new drugs and treatments to market.  Sometimes the terms these companies get from the legal loansharks are terrible for shareholders and even worse for the company, but many new breakthroughs have come from small cap companies that persevere and in the end either bring the drug to market themselves or, probably more often than not, get bought out by or partner with a big pharma player who has billions is M&A money sitting on the sideline. 

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