Earlier this month Apricus Biosciences made headlines by announcing the sale of its subsidiary, Bio-Quant CRO, to Bio Tox Sciences for a minimum of $5 million up-front and future payments, with the potential for the deal to be worth as much as $20 million over the next ten years.

As explained in a recent press release, Apricus expects that Vitaros will become the majority near-term revenue driver for the company as early as later this year. Until now, Bio-Quant has been driving the revenue stream for Apricus.

Vitaros, a topical cream designed to treat erectile dysfunction, is already approved for commercialization on the Canadian market and the company has been promising a second-half 2011 launch for some time now.

We're in the second half now, so updates from the company are expected.

Additionally, investors are standing by for partnership news. A Vitaros partner in Canada had in the past been promised by the June time frame, but recent statements from the company indicate that partnership talks are in the latter stages and relevant news should hit the wires during the second half of 2011.

Meanwhile, the company announced this week that it had filed for Vitaros approval in Switzerland. The move follows a positive review from the Swiss medical authorities in May, and supplements an approval application filed with the European medical authorities earlier this year. The application in Switzerland was separate from the European filing, given that the Swiss regulators do not fall under the EMEA.

It shouldn't be expected that approval news comes on either front until early 2012, given the standard review timelines.

With the waiting game in full effect, the APRI stock has been trading between the mid four dollar six dollar range. Traders have been able to play their games, while long-term investors have also had a few opportunities to add for lower prices.

Apricus is also paying close attention to Pfizer's (PFE) attempts to extend its Viagra patents. Should Pfizer be successful in these attempts, it would reduce the competition on the market for Vitaros. Apricus has expectedly already sided with Pfizer on this issue.

With near and mid term catalysts in play for Apricus, it's worth keeping an eye on developments. Announcing a Canadian partner is key right now.

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