A letter to shareholders issued last month by Assured Pharmacy (OTCBB: APHY) emphasized an aggressive expansion strategy that would be implemented over the coming quarters. The first phases of that plan look to be taking shape as an announcement last week revealed that new locations in Denver and Boston have been targeted for summer openings. Enthusiasm is high in regards to these new locations, as the company has sought the support of local physician groups in an all-out effort to replicate the quick success of its Kansas location. In light of the robust expansion plans, company officials and some investors are beginning to estimate that break even and profitability milestones may not be that far off into the future.

The company's current market cap, however, does not yet indicate a widespread acceptance of that theory, leaving a potential ground floor opportunity still open for investors looking to speculate on the maturity of Assured Pharmacy and its business plan, which looks to take advantage of shifting trends in the healthcare industry.

Another replication of the Kansas success that investors could look for with the new openings will be Assured's move beyond just treating and prescribing controlled medications for the chronic pain niche. In a move to potentially hasten revenue growth, Assured personalized pharmacy services will now include many "chronic controlled medications," according to recent reports from the company.

Such revisions in the business strategy have company officials hinting that overall revenue can be doubled within the next two years.

Since Assured is already pulling in well more than ten million dollars on an annual basis, such a drastic spike in revenue also emphasizes the possibilities of the APHY share price growing substantially, too, as the expansion strategy is put into motion - especially if the latest revenue projections are met.

In conjunction with the move into wider-scale prescription and distribution, Assured is also enhancing its already-stringent distribution methods to further cement its reputation for quality, efficient and safe pharmaceutical services as these new locations are opened. A reputation for strict compliance with regulations is a key element of the business plan and has the potential to position the company as an industry leader. That, in turn, could then attract the interest of a broader base of doctors and patients while also propelling growth at a time when the strategy of aggressive expansion is gaining steam.

Those prospects may be coming to fruition at just the right time, too, as many well-established players in the prescription and controlled medication sector - like Walgreen (NYSE: WAG), Rite Aid (NYSE: RAD), CVS (NYSE: CVS), and Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT), to name a few - are struggling to maintain their respective reputations as their business strategies are geared more towards convenience shopping than prescription services. As customers lose faith in those big players, Assured has capitalized and built itself a crisp and clean reputation in the markets in which its stores operate and the Kansas success could be a key indication that personalized pharmacy services is about to hit the mainstream.

Considering all of the above, APHY may currently be positioned as a nice under the radar speculative pick, for those looking to potentially play the unfolding expansion catalysts. As mentioned in the open, the current market cap, however, indicates a lack of widespread attention on the company just yet, but volume has been on the noticeable upswing of late and the unfolding catalysts could continue to attract new investor interest.

Aside from the summer openings in Boston and Denver, Assured has also identified four other locations where stores are likely to open. According to the latest reports, the company can open a total of twelve new stores without blowing the current corporate structure, which supports previous company goals of gaining a national footprint over the near term.

It's already proven to be a significant and pivotal year for Assured Pharmacy and the pending store openings could continue to attract new interest. Industry trends favor Assured and the success in Kansas could be a prequel to major growth all around. Investors willing to take a speculative look at this one may be dabbling in a bottom-floor opportunity, although standing risks inherent to investing in the speculative sector still apply. That said, should the Assured strategy prove successful and profitability be met within the projected time frames, shares will likely be trading at levels significantly higher than where they are now.

A pure risk/reward play right now that could pay off.

Disclosure: Long APHY.

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