Last year shares of Capstone Turbine (CPST) broke through the two dollar mark for a period time, in part due to a boost provided by US President Barak Obama when he gave the company a mention during a speech about energy policy in Brazil.  Although CPST has since retreated - and even fell below a buck for a period of time over recent trading sessions - the point was made; this company has the potential to play a key role in the fueling the transition to a green energy future.

Heavy volume had Capstone shares trading nearly ten percent higher on Thursday after a company press release announced that CEO Darren Jamison will be interviewed on CNBC Thursday afternoon on the network's "Fast Money" program.  No indications of subject content were given, although the PR did note that Mr. Jamison would not have any new announcements forthcoming.

Although CNBC is not quite the same stage as the US President giving the company a shout out, the appearance will undoubtedly lead to increased exposure which - as we've seen with Thursday's boost in price and volume - could lead to positive price action.

The CNBC exposure follows a week of significant news for the company.

On Monday the company announced that it had expanded its presence in the hospital market with the sale of a C1000 Power Package to a Michigan hospital that will operate in a combined heat and power (CHP) application. The unit will provide backup and prime power for the hospital and is another demonstration of the broad scope of commercial applications that can be applied with Capstone's low-emission microturbine units.

As a follow-up to that order, the company then announced on Tuesday that it had secured an order for 30 more of its C65 units, which adds to the company's already robust presence in the Eagle Ford Shale Play.

In response to another order destined for the Eagle Ford Shale market, Sam Henry of Horizon Power stated:

"These multiple follow-on orders indicate that Capstone microturbines are quickly becoming the chosen power system to meet growing needs of major oil & gas producers operating in the Eagle Ford Shale Play. This order, along with the recent 10 MW order for C1000 Series products, proves we are making serious inroads in meeting the customer's high-caliber power needs with Capstone innovative technology."

Horizon Power Systems is Capstone's distributor in the region.

The large order adds to the company's backlog and is a continued demonstration of the in-roads that Capstone is making in the green energy market.

Shares spiked back to over a buck on the news.

Capstone also has an intriguing alliance with General Electric (GE) that is worth noting.

Investors are still awaiting sure signs that profitability is imminent, the elusive holy grail that has not yet been achieved by the company and is a key reason why such volatility still exists.

That said, the backlog of orders is still growing and it's becoming apparently obvious - with the just-announced re-order for the Eagle-Ford Shale Play being a prime example - that existing customers are extremely satisfied with the quality and output of Capstone's products.

Last year's big exposure led to a run to two dollars, so some investors will be waiting to see if the CNBC appearance can spark another run.

Still a stock to watch this week.

Disclosure:  Long CPST.

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