Earlier today I posted a write-up on my blog regarding Cel-Sci Corp (CVM) and the company's potential for Multikine, a potential billion-dollar blockbuster if proven successful in a Phase III head and neck cancer trial for which we may see imminent results.  I also discussed Cel-Sci's LEAPS platform, an immunotherapy treatment that had been looked at previously to treat the H1N1 flu years ago.  If you haven't checked out that blog post already, you might as well now.  It's a decent read.

This morning the company issued a follow-up to last week's PR announcing a collaboration with the University of Georgia center for Vaccines and Immunology to build on the previous H1N1 data and begin pre-clinical work for LEAPS in the treatment of the Coronavirus.  According to the agreement, the technology will be tested in those most at risk from the virus.  While pre-clinical studies do not indicate Cel-Sci will be thrust into the global spotlight with a potential treatment or cure for this pandemic, the University of Georgia is a world-renowned entity, as discussed in the PR, and lends additional credibility to Cel-Sci's release last week regarding LEAPS in the potential treatment of Covid-19.

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Shares were up by as high as over ten percent during the morning hours of trading, although volume was strong enough to maintain the gains and possibly approach the seventeen dollar mark where CVM traded before the broad market downturn.  As shares bounce around in the volatile market, tho, it is likely that some new eyes may take a look at the company given the PR and the pandemic dominating the news cycle.

The LEAPS news is a nice addition to the story, especially if this collaboration makes it past the pre-clinical stage, but CVM is still a Multikine results play.  Barring LEAPS making it past human trials and nearing market, there is nothing will keep the CVM share price from plunging if the Multikine trial were to fail.

As discussed in my previous post, however, while there is a lot of risk investing in a small biotech's drug trials, the Cel-Sci story has had a lot of positive indicators of late and a positive outcome from the Multikine trial would ultimately send shares much higher still, even after the run from three to seventeen dollars of the past year.

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It's a volatile market right now, so understand the inherent risk of investing into that volatility, and also the inherent risk of investing in the biotech/small pharma sector.  There's a lot that could go right, but a lot that could go wrong.  Protect your investment, have a strategy, but there's nothing wrong with putting some dollars behind a potential exponential growth story.  All in my opinion, of course.  Do your own research, too!

Ah yeah.

Disclosure:  VFC is long CVM.

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