If you’re still on the fence of taking this thing seriously or not, ya gotta get off the fence and take it seriously. Yes, some - in fact, most - fight off the virus fairly easily.  But many don’t.  Reading the press from around the world, there are everyday people of all ages succumbing to this virus, not just the elderly and those pre-stricken with other health conditions.  Everyone is at risk.  You don’t know who’s life you can be putting in danger by going about your routine business day in and day out. This is serious, treat it that way.
Stories of kids still going on to enjoy Spring Break on beaches or in Cabo, only to come back and possibly infect their own families - c'mon now, what are we thinking? 
It was heroic to see the US Navy's hospital ship the USS Comfort roll into the NYC harbor the other day, but the thousands that gathered to watch it approach?  C'mon now, what are we thinking?
In America we are mostly oblivious to the non-first world problems of the world.  Too much time on iPhones and technology and 24-hour news cycles of who hates who more keep us out of tune with the fact that the world out there suffers every day from issues such as mass death due to virus, in mostly third world countries, modern day slavery - sexual and forced labor - and war.  Every day thousands are dying in war.  
Most of that does not affect America or the first world - but now the Covid-19 does, and far too many do not know how to react, other than to ignore it with a "it won't happen to me" attitide.
Time to wake up and take it seriously.  Every day third-world problems have entered the first world.  And we are woefully unprepared. 
Can't help but think we would never run out of weapons of war if we were attacked with weapons of war, cruise missile after cruise missile would be crossing the skies, rifle after rifle would be making their way to the front lines, but it's eye-opening how woefully unprepared we are at having stockpiles for weapons of life.  Our healthcare workers are our soldiers in this fight and we have left them unprepared with the weapons they need to fight it.
Granted, hospitals and emergency services arm themselves for what is the norm, the expected.  But we have stockpiles of oil don't we?  For when the situation changes and we need more oil?  We have stockpiles of missiles, don't we?  But we have not stockpiles of medical supplies for when a pandemic may reach our shores.  Why?  It's time to work together and change that.  We should prepare ourselves for life just as much, if not more, then we prepare ourselves for war.  Now is a perfect time to realize that.
I would like to personally share props to Doctor @keithdocdiaz - The stories of his work in the ICU in NYC are scary, sad, harrowing - yet heroic, because #heroes like him keep going back day by day, night by night to care for those stricken with this illness while being understaffed and under-supplied. 
Heroes like Keith are the ones seeing the dying patients off into the afterlife since quarantine does not allow visitors or family to hold the hands of their loved ones as they pass.  But we do have heroes like Doctor Keith on the front lines, and that is a good feeling. 
Thanks, Doc - and to all those healthcare workers out there - we are all so proud of you.
Take this seriously, stay home, protect those most at risk, this is a pivotal point in history where the first world is getting its most recent lesson that working together is much more of a necessity of survival than fighting and dividing.


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