It could be shaping up to become a big year for GelTech Solutions (OTCBB: GLTC).  Holding a revolutionary technology with global implications, this company could go to the next level in quick time.

As introduced to readers of VFC's Stock House late last year, and the fuel behind what could become a boom in growth for the company, GelTech's 'FireIce' is a revolutionary dry powder that, when combined with water, has proven to be a far more effective tool for extinguishing fires than water alone.  FireIce essentially smothers fire much more quickly than fire alone and also drastically reduces the amount of water needed during the course of firefighting operations.  That's a huge bonus and cost-saving benefit in a time when local and national governments are looking for ways to conserve natural and monetary resources.

Propelling GelTech into the next Phase of commercialization, the company received a milestone validation last year with the coveted 'Qualified Product' listing from the U.S. Forest Service for FireIce.  Receiving this designation is no easy task, as evidenced by the more than two years of testing and qualifications that were necessary to receive the listing, but having it solidifies FireIce's legitimacy to potential consumers and enables the product to be purchased and utilized in large scale firefighting operations both in the United States and abroad.

Already making a name for itself around the globe, the Australian and New Zealand authorities granted FireIce the equivalent designation to the USFS 'Qualified Products List', freeing it up to be used in firefighting operations in those countries.  Along with that news, GelTech also announced the quick signing of IMCD Group B.V. (IMCD) to be the master distributor of FireIce in those regions, a sign that foreign markets could heat up rather quickly when they see the potential, successes and benefits of this novel, resource-conserving game-changer.

As success stories grow, such as one that came from Montana recently, look for FireIce to quickly catch on.

In the report from the East Glacier Volunteer Fire Department in Montana, it was noted that firefighters responding to a rapidly-spreading wildland fire used FireIce on two homes that were in the direct path of the fire.  

As per Fire Chief Ben Steele of the East Glacier VFD, "FireIce far exceeded our expectations. The homes coated with FireIce were not damaged by the fire. Everything that we didn't touch with FireIce was nothing but ashes."

Those are the types of testimonials that could send a product "viral" and have huge implications on a company's share price, which for GelTech, is still hovering right around its 52-week low. 

That, however, can quickly change.

With news of a recent funding deal already on the street, concerns of having the resources available to support the expected boom in distribution have been somewhat alleviated.  Increased distribution should also start bringing in the necessary cash flow to grow operations exponentially, priming 2012 for a year of significant growth for GelTech.

It should also be expected that a nice chunk of GelTech's orders will be coming from municipal and national governments, especially when those governments begin to understand the cost savings that could result from using FireIce in conjunction with traditional firefighting methods, as they now do in Montana.

According to numbers generated by a quick Google search, the cost associated with fighting forest fires in the United States alone approaches or exceeds a billion dollars annually.  Much of that goes into the costs of fighting the fire and keeping it from spreading, while the number increases even more if losses incurred by insurance companies are also added to the equation.

If a product came along that could put an extreme damper on the high-flying costs associated with fires that are tough to extinguish or contain - and therefore potentially save governments millions of dollars - then there's little doubt that FireIce has the potential to turn into a global blockbuster and a game-changer for the firefighting industry.

GLTC is still sporting a market cap of under fifteen million.  Given the potential for FireIce to score a huge boom in distribution over the coming months, it's likely that investors could start viewing the current prices as a golden opportunity to jump in to the early stages of global distribution for a game-changing product.

Also keep in mind that GelTech has another eco-friendly product that could become very attractive to big business and governments alike.  Named Soil2O, this product absorbs moisture from the air, brings it into the soil and keeps water from quickly evaporating and keeps dirt from blowing around in the wind. This technology has numerous applications for construction sites, dusty and/or unpaved roads, golf courses and baseball diamonds, to name a few.  It also has huge applications in areas that rely on irrigation to moisten the land, having the ability to reduce such requirements by as much as 50%, according to the GelTech website.

Look for this company to make huge strides forward this year.

Disclosure:  Long GLTC.


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