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Shares of Titan Pharmaceuticals (TTNP) are also worth watching this week.  

Titan is the proprietary owner and distributor of Probuphine, an implant a slow-releasing buprenorphine implant based on the company's ProNeura technology to treat opioid addiction.

Opioid addiction is a scourge of global society, helmed by not only the cartels and criminals, but by the biggest drug-pushers in the world - the pharmaceutical industry.  The amount of people dying from drug overdose rivals what we've seen from Covid19, but with less the fanfare.  Titan pharmaceuticals is in a prime position to take advantage of some of the treatment market share, especially since the Probuphine implant is slow-releasing and alleviates the threat of overdose.

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I bring Titan to the forefront this week because, although shares only traded up by two percent on Friday, a pretty solid base has formed in the low twenty-cent range and the company has been very silent of late.  The sales force in the US is growing, as in Europe and Canada, and Probuphine was added to the Federal Supply Schedule, which gives Titan an "in" with the Veterans Administration and prison system, both of which face struggles with opioid addiction.  Partnerships have been forged with AllianceRx and CVS and quarter-over-quarter revenue has been growing.

The next quarterly results have the potential to surprise, which may be why this one is attracting some speculative attention again.  Last year TTNP ran from the low one dollar range to over two pretty quickly before plummeting to the current levels, but the company is primed to rebound with a solid product, technology, and a revenue stream that should be growing on two continents.

As always, heavy risks here.  Maybe sales are not picking up, a reverse split is a possibility, although shareholders voted against it and the company has time to trade over a buck again.  Dilutive financing is always a threat in the biotech sector, but according to the latest quarterly reports, cash on hand should last well into the fourth quarter.

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Titan's market cap is barely over twenty million.  Given the recent partnerships and approvals - with revenue coming in - there is no reason to believe that TTNP can zip back to above the dollar mark in short term with the right market and well-times news release that indicates growing revenues or new partnerships.

TTNP is another one to watch this week.  Ah yeah.

Disclosure:  VFC is long TTNP.

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