MRI Interventions Looks To Set The Tone For 2013

Although not attending the JP Morgan event this week, MRI Interventions will be presenting at the 2013 Biotech Showcase on the 9th, an event also held in San Fransisco.  With this presentation MRIC will look to set the tone for 2013, following the demonstrated swift developmental progress and revenue growth of 2012.  MRIC is positioned to take full advantage of the current trends in healthcare, which have medical professionals looking for less-intrusive and more accurate (which together means less-costly) methods of conducting complicated procedures. 

In combining those qualities, MRIC has developed the ClearPoint and ClearTrace MRI-enhancing systems that provide real-time imagery during complicated procedures on the brain and heart, respectively. With the assistance of partners such as Boston Scientific Corporation (BSX) and Brainlab, MRIC has successfully infiltrated the market for Brain surgery and a recent boost in the sales force, as announced during the last quarter of 2012, positions the company to infiltrate that market even further this year.  Already MRI is registering notable growth.

Accordingly to the latest-filed quarterly report, revenue generated by the "disposable items" associated with the use of ClearPoint roughly tripled, when compared to the same quarter of the previous year, a key indication that the technology is catching on, or at least is being used more often.

As the ClearPoint equipment and procedures are used more often, revenue from those "disposables" will continue to grow, since those items need to be replaced before the machine can be used again.  That's a key point to note when considering an investment in this stock - not only is revenue based on the number of systems sold, but the company is also essentially banking revenue each time it's used.

MRI last year moved into the European market, too, with some collaboration by Brainlab and was also named the "2012 Global Company of the Year" in November for "Image-Guided Neural Interventions" by Frost & Sullivan, a global business research and consulting firm. 

Shares have steadied over the past couple of months following a summer full of volatility that returned a triple to investors, but a modest volume boost during the opening week of the new year could be an indication that positions are consolidating ahead of what could be a milestone year for MRIC.  While MRIC is one to consider for long term accumulation on any dips as the ClearPoint and ClearTrace technology develops, recent history has also proven that shares picked up at or near the current levels have proven to turn into decent trades when the stock approaches two bucks.

MRI Interventions is slated to present at the Biotech Showcase in San Francisco on Wednesday, 9 January and will look to set the tone for the coming year.

A story with significant growth potential to follow through the course of the year.

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