The new year started with a bang. International markets rallied early, then the US markets followed suit with the DOW posting a gain of over three hundred points before closing strong into the bell. Green was the theme for 2013 thus far and Wednesday's strong finish could indicate that another push higher is in the works for Thursday's trading, barring any unforeseen news, although the armchair quarterbacks are out in force during the early hours Thursday addressing the deal's shortcomings. For now, however, the markets are clear from controversy, aside from the sideline criticisms. Other political issues may steal the spotlight for Congress over the short term, freeing the markets to rally and pull back on individual stories for the time being, rather than trading along with the daily banterings of Washington.

Before long, too, we'll have another round of earnings to digest. We could also see some market fluctuations at that point, once the season picks up steam, especially since many retailers have already warned of weaker-than-expected fourth quarter numbers.

For now, though, we'll enjoy the show.

Here's a few stocks and stories to keep an eye on Thursday...CLICK HERE FOR FULL REPORT.

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