Stocks worth keeping an eye on this week. VFC's Stock House has been compensated by a third party to cover CDXC for a period of 90 days.

TTNP: Although reporting milestone news last week with the announcement of positive top-line results for the Probuphine Phase III trial, shares of Titan Pharmaceuticals (TTNP) have remained trading for under two bucks after a brief run to above that mark on the news.

The positive Probuphine results may have been expected - and possibly already priced in - given that the trial was designed to confirm the positive results of past trials.

There's still some time between now and when Titan plans to bring Probuphine to market, since a meeting with the FDA to discuss the way ahead for regulatory filing is not scheduled until the fall, so investors may not yet be excited about the prospects of this company, but ProNeura offers a unique look at drug delivery and Probuphine for chronic pain is also in the works.

Also keep an eye out for Fanapt sales numbers, which should be forthcoming this week. Titan will receive a royalty of 8% on Fanapt sales due to a licensing agreement with Vanda (VNDA) and Novartis (NVS), and growth on that front secures Titan's monetary situation while Probuphine is advanced to market.

Long-time stock watching has Titan at the forefront of potential growth stories right now.

GOOG: It's worth taking notice when a five hundred dollar-plus stock and a mammoth of a company makes a ten percent move in one day, and Google (GOOG) did just that on Friday after announcing 'blow-away' earnings. In the aftermath of the earnings report, Jim Cramer threw a price target of $740 on the stock, a statement that just added fuel to the flames of a price increase that was already lit by the earnings announcement.

More than a decade after its birth, Google is still making headlines and dominating the web.

Apple, Facebook and Twitter have all mounted heavy competition to Google's web dominance, and many had speculated that Google was spending too much to maintain its competitive advantage; a theory that the company put to rest by reporting 36% in revenue growth.

The recent launch of Google+ has also been viewed skeptically by the pundits, but every time it looks like there's a chink in the armor, Google comes through with flying colors - look at android.

Friday's move was the largest one-day move in over three years for GOOG, making it a stock to watch this week.

CDXC: July is shaping up to be a milestone month for ChromaDex Corp. The launch of this company's first national product line, BluScience, is being geared up for a GNC roll-out in August, and a licensing agreement with Cott demonstrated the potential of pTeroPure on the market.

pTeroPure is ChromaDex's proprietary ingredient based on pterostilbene, an agent found naturally in the blueberry plant. Pterostilbene acts as a powerful antioxidant and natural defense system for the blueberry and ChromaDex has harnessed these benefits for use in the dietary supplement and food and beverage industries.

Additionally, ChromaDex announced last week another potentially significant deal regarding an ingredient found in nature, this one being for nicotinamide riboside (NR), a recently discovered vitamin found naturally in milk.

The licensing agreement gives CDXC exclusive worldwide rights to a novel manufacturing process for NR, and offers the company another opportunity to bring a natural ingredient with potential health benefits to market.

With the BluScience launch commencing soon, ChromaDex may gain additional exposure over the coming weeks.

HGSI: Human Genome Sciences (HGSI) received the first FDA approval for a new lupus drug in over half a century earlier this year for Benlysta, which is partnered with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

Since the approval, however, shares of HGSI have declined and are trading back in the low twenties.

Another milestone was met last week for HGSI and GSK, as the European regulatory officials have approved Benlysta for sale in Europe.

Shares of Human Genome traded relatively flat on the news, but it's a stock worth watching as Benlysta becomes available in additional countries around the globe.

CELH: Celsius Holdings offered a quick, preliminary glimpse of the first quarter numbers just days into the second quarter, which makes this one an interesting watch to see if investors will again receive a quick look at the sales numbers.

Quarter one represented a solid turnaround from the fourth quarter of 2010, which saw a good deal of the unsold product marked 'return to sender', and another decent quarter could mark a new growth trend.

There's little attention being paid to the Celsius stock right now, as evidenced by the ZERO shares traded on Wednesday and Thursday of last week, but it could also be a pretty good indication that the bets have been placed and it's time to wait the game out.

The company has been relatively silent this year, aside from simply announcing the numbers, so it's time once again for the numbers to speak for themselves.

Any volume spike could lead to a quick rise in share price, since CELH is very lightly traded.

GNBT: It was a short lived run when Generex ran on news that Oral-lyn worked in patients with Type 1 Diabetes and with patients who have impaired glucose tolerance.

A stock offering announced almost immediately after the good news hit put a lid on any run, but the fact that any positive results regarding Oral-lyn have hit the wires might have put this company right back in the game; after many investors grew skeptical when AE-37 started to steal the limelight.

It's been a rat race for Generex and Mannkind in bringing their respective needlless insulin products to market, and both are at about the same level of development once again.

As the rat race continues, it's worth keeping an eye on the end game.

A reverse split and spin-off of Antigen Express is the next milestone on the radar, as Generex continues to build its relationship with Amarantus.

Enjoy the week - the first in a while without Casey Anthony all over the news, although now we're getting our fair dose of Rupert Murdock.

Disclosure: Long TTNP, CDXC, CELH.

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