Shares of Sunshine Heart (SSH) were on fire to open the new trading week, more than doubling in price at points during the day on monumental volume. Sunshine had been quite the lightly-traded stock before the recent outburst in trading volume, but investor attention started increasing noticeably as the company's potentially breakthrough medical device to treat heart failure, the C-Pulse Heart Assist System, advanced in development.

Now nearing commercialization in certain markets, Sunshine could register its first sales later this year, in conjunction with the initiation of a clinical trial in the US in preparation for an eventual FDA clearance.

Given the size and scope of the market targeted by Sunshine's device - being the Class III and ambulatory Class IV heart failure market - investors look to be jumping on board with the blockbuster potential of the C-Pulse system. Big media has also become interested over recent weeks, with reports from MSN Money and Fox Business hitting the wires, and Monday's outburst is likely to attract the attention of other mainstream outlets as well.

Another reason to like the C-Pulse technology is that it falls well in line with today's healthcare trends of finding cheaper and more effective ways to treat what have previously been known to be very expensive and invasive conditions. C-Pulse is implanted with a minimally-invasive procedure, which alone cuts monetary costs in relation to surgery and recovery. The system has also thus far demonstrated that it can reduce the number of a patient's required visits to the doc while also enabling the target patient group to avoid the extended hospital stays that often accompany treatment.

The mainstream potential of the C-Pulse system looks to have launched the Sunshine stock into the mainstream, too. The price highs set to open the new trading week are still just half of the current 52-week high, although the previous high was hardly set with the convincing volume that showed up on Monday.

With a potentially breakthrough technology gearing up for definitive trials and commercial development - and with a stock price soaring, to boot - Sunshine Heart has cemented itself on the radar as a hot stock to watch for the remainder of 2012, and beyond.

Late-Monday trading volume had exceeded three quarters of a million shares traded, topping Friday's then-record volume and easily surpassing the total number of shares traded since SSH hit the Nasdaq earlier this year.

Those are all signs that this stock and company is leaving its mark.

With key catalysts still pending for later this year, there's no reason to take your eye off the ball now.

Disclosure: Long SSH.

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