Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend.  Here are a few speculative plays to keep on the radar and add some excitement to the new trading week...

Celsius Holdings (OTC:  CELH) has battled to establish relevance for years in the energy drink and healthy beverage sectors, but has failed to catch onto the mainstream, although this company's selection of sugar-free 'calorie burning' beverage flavors brings a unique perspective to the market.  In its latest bid to build on a niche domestic consumer base, Celsius has announced a couple of NASCAR sponsorship deals over the past trading days.  Friday's announcement brought with it volume of over five times the daily average, although CELH shares remained trading in its normal range, established over the past couple of quarters since a run last year to sixty cents from about twenty. 

The NASCAR fan base is a far cry from the middle-aged gym moms that were the marketing target of the failed Mario Lopez campaign, but Friday's resulting trading volume shows that there is still some interest left in the potential of this company and its calorie-burning beverage options. 

A push into the international market has also returned some early results, enough to warrant a production facility in Germany. 

The CELH market cap is such that even modest growth domestically and internationally could spark a speculative run and return investors some significant percentage gains, but long-term investors will be keeping an eye on continued losses and the costs associated with sponsorships such as these NASCAR announcements. 

That said, CELH has the makings of another speculative story to keep an eye on.  Those that loaded up - or re-loaded - in the twenty cent range last year were already rewarded with a brief trip to sixty, and recent developments indicate that another such spike could materialize quickly.

More to follow later on, but worth the watch for now.

Shares of CEL-SCI Corporation (NYSEMKT: CVM) have managed to hold the one dollar mark and are slated to open the new trading week right around the $1.18 mark.  Volume has remained strong and this latest rally has defied previous CVM rallies that saw shares retreat back to previously-traded levels rather quickly.  Given that many companies in similar positions as Cel-Sci (a decent ways along in Phase III trials) traded - and have traded - at market caps to the north side of one hundred million, there's reason to believe that the CVM uptrend could continue as Multikine advances along in trials.  Shares have about doubled in a short period of time, so even if the run continues, investors should expect periods of consolidation and profit-taking, as we've already seen, but the ongoing trial continues to serve as a potential catalyst over the coming quarters. 

Cel-Sci is also receiving its fair share of stock media outlet interest, which could also provide a boost at times convenient to traders and shareholders looking to play the Multikine catalyst. 

CVM's current valuation continues to indicate a fair amount of skepticism regarding the chances of Multikine's success, so any positive update has the potential to spark a rally to levels predicted in recent analyst reports.

Worth keeping on the radar, and still potentially worth buying into on any pullbacks, with Multikine entering the latter stages of Phase III.

For the highly, highly speculative investor looking to ignore the story and 'hop on' solely to a trader's run, it may be worth looking at Hop On Inc (OTC:  HPNN) this week.  Volume went humongous just out of the blue last week and shares quickly tripled, even quadrupled at one point.  Action like this in the sub-penny market is usually indicative of a price run that can return huge gains, but then leave those that either bought too late or held to long holding the proverbial bag in the end, so if you're going to tread, tread carefully.  Typically these runs will be accompanied by a press release or two to spark interest in the company and send shares even higher, so it'll be worth watching HPNN this week to see what plays out. 

Implant Sciences (OTC: IMSC) shares dropped by fourteen percent on Friday as the company's latest earnings report failed to impress.  Shares had received a bit of a boost leading into the report on the heels of multiple fairly significant order announcements, which leaves room to believe that a rebound will be in store as the current quarter plays out.  Implant's radiation-free explosive trace detection technology looks to be catching on in some lucrative markets around the globe, as the latest orders and re-orders indicate, so the dip created by the latest earnings report may be nothing more than another buying opportunity for traders and investors alike.  Worth keeping an eye on this week.

Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation (ADMD) rallied last year on the basis of the potential of a developing pipeline of medical isotopes, and another upcoming catalyst could put this company on investors' radars again this month.  According to a company announcement in December, an FDA decision on clearance for ADMD's patented brachytherapy cancer product, Yttrium-90 RadioGel, could come as soon as February, although other predictions have this story playing out through the summer months.  Regardless, a volume spike earlier in the year indicates that positions have been taken in anticipation of this potential catalyst that could benefit both traders and investors in the coming months. 

Advanced Medical plans on following up with a potential RadioGel clearance with applications for other of its pipeline of products, which could put the company on the path of marking significant progress in the advancement of nuclear medicine over the coming quarters. 

Currently trading in a relatively tight range of eight to ten cents, the potential for pending catalysts could make it worth keeping an eye on this one.

Happy Trading!!!

Disclosure:  Long CVM, CELH, HPNN, ADMD, IMSC.

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