It's been a couple of weeks since I've posted on the Stock House while I've been busy with the other blogs, but I've also been taking advantage of the market that had the DOW below 8,000 for a little while.

It's simply amazing to me how many people are selling into this market at a loss, and it's amazing to me how many people in their 20s, 30s and 40s are eyeballing their 401K balances on a daily basis. There's even some out there that have even stopped contributing into their 401Ks, because they're afraid. I'd understand if they couldn't afford to buy now, but if people are waiting for a rebound to buy back in, they'll end up missing out on some gains when the time comes for the rebound. Chasing the market is not a recipe for successful investing; being in the market before it runs is the correct option.

Now is the time to be throwing money at the 401K, not clicking refresh on the computer screen and eyeballing the balance every hour.

When the market was at record highs last year, that was the time that I quit contributing to the 401K, because I figured the market was due to correct, just as I thought the housing market would have to come back down to earth. Since the market dropped, I've been pumping money back into the 401K.

But enough about the 401K, here's a few stock prices that I could not resist over the past few weeks:

CPST, Capstone Turbine, at 88 cents, 78 cents and 68 cents. With each ten cent drop, I about doubled the amount of shares I'd purchased in the previous trade.

Capstone's quarterly results were disappointing, but there's nothing that has changed with this company or its technology that would make me look at it any different than I did a few weeks ago when it was about double the price of where it was last week.

CPST is still my 'Green Technology' stock of choice, although the microturbines that Capstone produces may not be in such high demand during a lull in energy prices. In the long run, however, the move towards green, low-emission technology is not going anywhere.

Click the article links and use the Google search bar above to search VFC's Stock House from previous posts on CPST.

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SIRI, Sirius XM at 16 cents. I'm not convinced that SIRI is finished so I took advantage of a sixteen cent stock price and quadrupled my position.

The market is at its worst right now, current rally aside, and many speculate as to whether Mel Karmazin will be able to find acceptable terms while refinancing the 1.2 billion dollars of debt due in 2009.

The market is also pricing in the dire situations of the big three automakers, essentially tying the success of SatRad to the success of the big three. I don't necessarily agree, I believe that if the big three fail, the other auto companies will step in to fill the void and those companies also have deals with Sirius XM.

In VFC's opinion, once Mel releases the plan for the debt due, the stock will see a rebound of some sorts.

Sirius, in my opinion, is still growing in popularity. It's an absolute must for the Sports fan right now, I won't pay for the Direct TV football package, but I get every NFL game on Sunday included in my monthly Sirius price. Radio doesn't beat TV, but for over 300 bucks cheaper than the Direct TV option, I'll take it.

I will, however, probably sell some of the new shares I bought on any significant spike.

SIRI may be one to trade for a while.

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A few more that I jumped on this week and last:

JWN under ten bucks, MSFT under twenty bucks and CVM under twenty cents.

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A few trades I will make if the current low prices hold:

EPCT right around fifty cents- Ceplene partnership shouldn't be too far off. 2009 could be a great a year for EPCT, but a few years down the road could be even better.
EPCT Quarterly Results

AGEN around fifty cents- Oncophage just getting started in Russia, and a Phase I study of Oncophage treating brain cancer was positive, although I don't put too much credence in Phase I trials.
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INSM under fifty cents- In my opinion, we'll look at INSM as a complete steal at these levels. IPLEX is just getting started and Follow on Biologics are the thing of the future for this small biopharmaceutical company.
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CRYP at two bucks- stock is hammered, they cut their dividend, but 2009 may show results of their new company strategy.
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