There's a chance I may be Missing In Action for the next couple of days, so I wanted to pass off a little bit off advice that stems from a pet peeve of mine - a lack of patience by small investors in the market.

As a small investor, patience has to be the name of your game. If you cheat patience, you're only cheating yourself and you may be cheating yourself out of some pretty significant gains in the process.

Let the big boys move from stock to stock day after day to feed their impatient thirst for more immediate gains, they can afford it - but the small investor needs to find a stock that they can believe in and slowly accumulate it before it takes off.

However, in today's America, the overnight "get rich quick" stories abound and they tend to dominate the mindset of those just getting in the market and many small investors begin to fall prey to their own thirst for quick gains; they sell because they 'can't wait anymore' only to see the stock that they sold take off six months to a year later. Then they always go back to the drawing board and say, "if I hadn't sold I would have made xxx amount of money on that one!"

I've accumulated stocks for years before they started to pay off - CVM, AGEN, TTP/TTNP, etc - and while it was painful watching those stocks drop or remain stagnant for that amount of time, the day they started to run made the whole ordeal well worth it.

Before buying a stock, have an entry and an exit strategy. For my views on how to establish that strategy - click and read HERE. I will say, however, that if your strategy is not news or even based and sounds something like this: "I'll give it a month or two and if I don't get lucky I'll sell," then don't buy the stock. That strategy has nothing to do with DD and your own DD and research is what will determine when is a good time to buy or sell based on EVENTS and TIMEFRAME, not LUCK and TIMEFRAME.

Some good stocks take years of accumulation to pay off for you, but you'll be that much more satisfied by waiting and holding long and strong than you will be by selling and moving on day after day, month after month.

I bring this up now because of the lack of patience that I'm seeing with investors of AGEN and CSUH, specifically. There are other stocks that I could mention, but many investors of those two in particular are claiming that they are losing patience while waiting for those stocks to run.

First of all, both stocks have posted HUGE percentage gains this year already. Secondly, there needs to be a period of consolidation after such huge runs and thirdly, when/if the positive news that you speculate on as an investor occurs, then you'll get your run.

Small investors need to lose the "overnight millionaire" mentality and trade/invest realistically. Don't spoil your potential future gains because of the impatience of today. If you need a quick fix, hit the casinos, but if you want to research an investment, try to average down and then reap the rewards of your investment - use the stock market but BE PATIENT. When you start getting to greedy, that's when your judgment gets clouded - and that is very dangerous when your money is on the line. Trust me, I found that out early on in my investing career.

Exercise patience and self control and you'll be happy. If you're looking to buy - let the price come to your target. If it doesn't, then move on. If you're looking to sell - sell because either your exit strategy was hit or news changed that makes your stock not such a good potential investment as it was before.

Don't sell for the sole reason of not being able to wait; although that attitude is quickly becoming the new snapshot of America.

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