A brief roundup of stocks making news this morning...

Bank of America Corp (NYSE: BAC) is sending markets higher this morning after beating the street with its earnings report. Investors had turned skittish earlier in the week when some speculated that results from the big banks may not roll in as positive as previously thought, but BAC quells some of those fears and starts the trading day off an upbeat note.

Biotech / Healthcare:

Shares of Chelsea Therapeutics (Nasdaq: CHTP) are also on the move Wednesday morning after an FDA advisory panel overwhelmingly supported approval of Northera for the treatment of symptomatic neurogenic orthostatic hypotension. CHTP saw a move higher of over 160% during the premarket trading hours, after posting similar gains during after-hours on Tuesday, and are likely to open well in the green. Buyers beware, however, as a panel voted in favor of approval for this drug in 2012, before the FDA ultimately rejected approval. That said, even with some wise profit-taking entering the picture, there's likely going to be enough volatility and upwards movement left in CHTP where investors can trade themselves into having only house money left for decision day.

The recent explosion of Intercept Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ICPT) may spark event-based rallies that reach unjustified heights as investors try to catch the next big wave in the sector, so it's possible that CHTP could jump higher than expected, although it would likely retrace fairly quickly.

Ampio Pharmaceuticals Inc (NYSE: AMPE), which announced the initiation of a new clinical trial earlier in the week, followed up on Wednesday with news that the company had broken ground on its new Ampion manufacturing facility in the Denver metro area. Ampion is Ampio's lead drug candidate, initially targeting the indication of osteoarthritis in the knee. The manufacturing facility will be ready for action this summer, according to today's release. The entire healthcare sector is receiving increased attention this week, so it's timely that Ampio has two news updates out early-on.

This announcement is relevant in the manner that is shows Ampio will be ready to meet demand for its lead product in the clinical trials - and in the event of commercialization upon approval - but it'll be trial results and FDA progress that really move this stock.

CEL-SCI Corporation (NYSEMKT: CVM) followed up on Monday's move higher with another five percent spike on Tuesday. Still no news released or rumors prevalent to support this mini-rally and investors may begin taking profits as some point if nothing of relevance materializes. Shares were ticking modestly higher yet again during the premarket hours.

Shares of Amarin Corporation (Nasdaq: AMRN) were on the uptick during pre-market, too, as investors are anticipating an FDA decision on whether or not to reinstate the SPA for Vascepa's ANCHOR indication. Should this event turn out in favor of Amarin, a re-rally may be justified and shares are likely to at least trade above the three dollar mark again - for starters - as longs regain some of the conviction lost through last year's price drop. Amarin was originally slated to present at JPM14 today, but pulled at the last minute to wait for this FDA decision.

Intercept Pharmaceuticals will present in place of Amarin and investors will anticipate words on the potential safety aspects of its liver-disease drug that were brought up in the days immediately following last week's positive trial results. Addional notes on the next stage of development and potential trial outlines will be expected, as well as any initial plans for commercialization, should the next stage of trials warrant an approval look by the FDA.

Disclosure:  Long CVM.

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Disclosure: Long CVM, IMSC.

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