Some stocks and stories to watch this week:

CPST: Capstone Turbine (CPST) has become a perpetual part of the 'Weekly Stock Watch' list since dropping to the dollar mark on heavy short interest and the broad market downtick, but some news releases within the past week give reinvigorated life to the company's future in the midst of Wall Street negativity.

Most significantly, this past Wednesday Capstone announced that it had received an order for 30 more C65 microturbines from Pumps & Service, a long-time Capstone distributor.

The units composing this significant order will be destined for various oil and gas customers and puts the 12-month total of Pumps & Service orders at 150 units.

Although beaten down over the past month, orders like this are a good reason as to why investors should believe in the company's prospects for growth, although evidence that profitability is within reach is what investors are looking for right now.

In expanding the applications for microturbine use, Capstone recently tapped the hospital market and announced last week a product line aimed at hybrid electric vehicles.

Still one to watch, and possibly accumulate for the future.

AMRN: Shares of Amarin Corporation (AMRN) jumped nearly six percent on Friday after the company announced the day prior that data from the Phase III MARINE trial for AMR101 in the treatment of high triglycerides would be presented at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress 2011 in Paris this week.

Amarin's rise to nearly twenty bucks on positive news from multiple Phase III studies and speculation about potential partnerships was quickly stifled by a dropping market and comments from the CEO that indicated that a partnership deal or buyout might not be as imminent as many initially believed.

General sentiment has it that AMR101 is set for an FDA approval, and the potential for Amarin to still land a major partner still exists, so it's not quite worth letting this one fall off your radar.

Keep an eye on it, and also monitor the US Patent and Trademark Office rejection of the company's filing for AMR-101 - not a show stopper, but a story to watch.

DNDN: Is Dendreon's slide over?

Already having bounced somewhat from its recent lows, shares of Dendreon continued to trade for below twelve dollars into last week's close.

The solid developments realized by the company over the past months could not be undone by a revision of 2011 Provenge sales guidance that sent shares tumbling. The solid developments continued, however, as Dendreon issued a PR after the market closed this past Friday announcing that the FDA had approved its Atlanta Provenge manufacturing facility, the third such FDA approval to come this year.

Skepticism remains in some investing and medical circles that Provenge sales will increase at the pace previously predicted by the company because of the high price of treatment and questions about its 'bang for the buck'.

Dendreon is still the grand daddy of cancer immunotherapies, and it's likely that recent decisions such as the one granted by CMS to provide full reimbursement will put Provenge and DNDN back on track.

This company has already set the stage for others that may follow suit, and it's still too early - in my opinion - to lose faith in the newly-appointed cancer powerhouse.

Also Watch:

CLDX: After slumping in the mid $2 range, shares of Celldex Therapeutics climbed back towards the $3 mark to close last week.

CTSO: Cytosorbents didn't spend much time trading to the south side of fifteen cents, and closed last week on a 5% upnote, significantly higher (in terms of percentages) from its recent fourteen cent low. As commercialization takes place for CytoSorb in Europe, big things could be coming for this little company.

JWN: Nordstrom is a hero of the last market recovery, flying to $40+ when it was all said and done from the low teens, and the company continues to fly high even in these uncertain economic times. Closing over two dollars higher on Friday, on nearly double the average volume, shows that the high end retailers are not doing too bad right now, when the economy is supposedly on the brink. People with money are still out shopping, not a bad thing at all.

FCEL: FuelCell Energy has relatively followed the same trading pattern as Capstone Turbine (CPST) this year, and having fallen to just above the one dollar mark, it could be worth a look for those taking a gander at the alternative energy market.

SIRI: Looking to have settled at right around the $1.70 mark, SiriusXM has been receiving some positive press again. Another round of strong earnings keeps this one just as exciting as its been for the better part of five years now.

GERN: As long as this guy hangs out mid $2s, it looks like a good rebound play, in my opinion.

AAPL: Tim Cook has one of the hardest jobs in the world right now - how to replace one of the best ever and keep the company's stock churning higher? Tough task.
Irene: My favorite comment about Irene came from CNN on Saturday morning....scrolling across the bottom of the screen, we were told "President Obama monitors Hurricane Irene." So what's that mean? He's watching CNN just like everyone else?

She turned out to be weaker than expected, but best to all who didn't fare so well.

Enjoy the trading week.

Disclosure: Long CPST, CTSO, CLDX. VFC's Stock House is not compensated to cover any of the above-mentioned companies.

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